3 Questions to Help You Discover What You were Created to Create + Giveaway

You answer to these three questions will unleash the artist hiding within your soul and free you from the voice that dares to hold you back. Somewhere in the midst of creating, you will discover why you were created to create. And even if your art never lives up to the world’s standard of beauty, take hope in the fact that the one who created you is pleased with your efforts.

Until recently, I would have never referred to myself as a “creative” or an “artist.”

Why not, you ask?

It’s simple really.

My hands cannot create the beauty my eye longs for.

My children’s stick figure drawings tower over my own and I can almost hear them whisper, “Even your kids can draw better than you can, Sarah! You should just give up.”

But my stick figures are stubborn, and they are brave, and they don’t care what everyone else thinks.

So they calmly turn to the well crafted figurines drafted by my 7-year old and pronounce, “My beauty may not be easy for you to detect, but I was created with love and that’s all that matters to me.”

Being creative makes me feel alive.

And even though my artwork isn’t good enough to hang on the fridge alongside my kid’s, it’s still important for me to create.

No, it’s necessary for me to create.
Because I was created to create.
In fact, we were all created to create.

In that vein, I think it is time for us all to take a moment to redefine art, to expand on its definition.

When I create a healthy and nutritious meal for my family, that’s art.
When I create a blog post for you to read and enjoy, that’s art.
When I create a cute outfit that makes me feel stylish, that’s art.

Just because I don’t draw well, that doesn’t mean I’m not an artist…It just means that my artistic talents are hidden elsewhere.

In the same way that my poor singing doesn’t preclude me from participating in joyful worship, my mediocre drawing skills don’t preclude me from participating in the joy of creating.

You answer to these three questions will unleash the artist hiding within your soul and free you from the voice that dares to hold you back. Somewhere in the midst of creating, you will discover why you were created to create. And even if your art never lives up to the world’s standard of beauty, take hope in the fact that the one who created you is pleased with your efforts.

What type of Creating Nourishes Your Soul?

We are surrounded by masterpieces, and everyday is infused with artistic talent and a desire to create.

We’ve just got to figure out what type of creating feeds our soul and nourishes our artistic longings.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might.”

The important thing is that “whatever we do” we do it with “all our might.”

And that we find the courage to stand up to the bully inside of us that is constantly telling us that our art isn’t good enough.

If you are anything like me, and your poorly crafted stick figures make you doubt your artistic abilities, I encourage you t hold fast to the words of Colossians 3:23-24, and never forget your ultimate purpose for creating.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.”

Our true reward will never be found in the praises of men, because we create for an audience of One.

And God doesn’t discriminate.
He doesn’t judge our artwork.
Because we are His creation.

And He asked us to create for His glory.

You answer to these three questions will unleash the artist hiding within your soul and free you from the voice that dares to hold you back. Somewhere in the midst of creating, you will discover why you were created to create. And even if your art never lives up to the world’s standard of beauty, take hope in the fact that the one who created you is pleased with your efforts.

We are Surrounded by Creativity

I am overwhelmed by the beautiful people in my life who are embracing their creativity and using their artistic abilities to glorify God.

My best friend creates the most amazing recipes, while my aunt creates an atmosphere of fun and laughter wherever she goes.

A friend from church captures the most artistic photographs of God’s creation, while my neighbor dedicates her children’s nap-time to diligently crafting her first novel.

My oldest daughter sings the most beautiful melodies while my youngest prefers to play them on her piano; my husband builds intricate models while I prefer the simplicity of building a cozy home for my family to enjoy.

Creativity surrounds me and astounds me.
It challenges me and inspires me.
It reminds me of my Creator.

God is the artist who paints the sunrise, the musician who orchestrates nature’s melody, the sculptor who gently shapes the hearts of mankind.

Our Heavenly father daily reveals himself to use through His artwork, but we are His greatest artistic achievement of all.

Sometimes it’s difficult to be a child of the Great Artist.

No matter how hard we try, our artwork will never be as beautiful as His.

That is, until, we invite Him in and ask Him to create something beautiful out of our lives.


What were you created to create?

What creative endeavor makes your heart beat a little faster every time you think of it?

What task draws you into the presence of God and leaves you longing to dwell there?

What kind of art inspires you to work harder, do better, be more?

You answer to these three questions will unleash the artist hiding within your soul and free you from the voice that dares to hold you back.

Today, I challenge you to create something beautiful for Him…for His glory.

Somewhere in the midst of creating, you will discover why you were created to create.

And even if your art never lives up to the world’s standard of beauty, take hope in the fact that the one who created you is pleased with your efforts.

Because you are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that you are to walk in (Ephesians 2:10).

So get busy creating and never be ashamed to call yourself an artist, because we are all artists…in our own blissfully unique way.

Coloring Book Giveaway: Dec 12-20

I am happy to be able to partner with Bethany House Publishers to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to express their creativity on the pages of these gorgeous adult coloring books.

Adult coloring books are so popular right now and I love that Christian publishing houses are providing options that combine artistry and spirituality in such a beautiful way.

picmonkey-collage {This Article Contains Amazon Affiliate Links. Read my Full Disclosure Here.}

In this beautifully designed coloring book entitled Promises of Joy, Margaret Feinberg shares powerful verses from God’s Word that teach how to relinquish our past regrets, current troubles, and future worries. What could be better than coloring and meditating on these encouraging Scriptures?

Images of Hope is a beautiful and playful masterpiece, blending hand-drawn, intricate illustrations with the rich words of Scripture.  Incorporated into each design is a delicate hand-lettered Bible verse that focuses on the hope God provides in our lives, giving you the opportunity to meditate on his love and his care for you as you color.

Enter below for your chance to win!

Even though I can’t draw very well, I do know how to color within the lines, and have very much enjoyed sitting down to color with my children in my adult coloring books.

I’ve had these two beautiful books in my office for a while, and it’s been so tempting to claim them for myself…..but I have resisted….

Because I want, more than anything, to share them with one of you.

The holiday season is all about gratitude and giving, and I am grateful for my readers and blessed to be able to offer giveaway opportunities through this blog.

Before I sign off, I’ve simply got to know……

What were you created to create?

Please do take a moment to share your own unique artistic abilities with me in the comments.

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54 thoughts on “3 Questions to Help You Discover What You were Created to Create + Giveaway

  1. I know all about hands not being able to create the beauty you see in your mind. For several years I painted with my hands and tried create beauty on canvass. But what I realized is once I took myself out of the equation, it all was beauty, because it was God inspired. We are all artists and I am so thankful to be led by the Master Creator. Thanks for sharing your beautiful word-art at Glimpses. Blessings!

  2. I love this perspective Sarah! I too am not an artist – as far as drawing or painting so I’ve never really thought of myself as creative. But I see that I am creative in writing, speaking, and problem solving. Thank you for writing today 🙂 What a great message to start my week! Visiting from #mommymoments

    1. You sound just like me! I had a few people call me artistic and creative in my work a while back, and I almost shushed them. But as I thought about it, I realized that there are lots of ways to be those things, and we are each individual in our creativity. Thanks for stopping by and joining in the conversation.

  3. Maybe I see creativity in an entirely different way than most. Of course, I do lots and lots of fun things with my grandkids – crafts of all sorts – mind you it’s just whatever suits us at the moment, but we created together. I sew, quilt, draw, paint, write… none could be called professional, but, yes, I created. I used to be a web developer and graphics designer… I created. But on another level… I create a clean kitchen when I wash dishes, a clean apartment when I dust and vacuum, a better me when I take care of myself. I create love in many different ways for my husband who resides in a nursing home. Creativity is about taking whatever it is you have and turning it into something beautiful in God’s love. Thank you for this wonderful post you created! 😉 Blessings to you. (Visiting via Barbie’s #glimpsesofhisbeauty link-up.)

    1. I love this: Creativity is about taking whatever it is you have and turning it into something beautiful in God’s love. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you for stopping by and adding to the conversation. God bless.

  4. Thank you for writing the words. It is a gift to know that we were all created to create. My gifts are not like yours but God purposely chose us for different roles. I love creating through writing. I love how God spurred me on to begin four years ago and continues to walk by my side each week. I also love to create a safe place for people to engage in conversation with me and others. There is something about being able to speak truth into others that feels so right. Glad to be your neighbor today at Testimony Tuesday.

  5. I have always been drawn to creativity, so this perspective really resonates with me. I have been coloring lately because it is so relaxing. I also like photography and making graphics. I use to paint but have gotten away from it.

    1. I love making graphics too, Kira. It’s a different kind of art for me, one that allows me to mold and shape something that is already beautiful into something even more beautiful.

  6. Your graphics in this post are gorgeous…you have a creative eye for sure. I see it so easily in others as well! The range of creativity God has placed in humanity is amazing isn’t it? Probably just a small foretaste of all that Heaven will hold for us.

    1. Lisa, thank you for your kind words. I love the photos in this post too, they just jump out at you, don’t they? I agree that the creativity God has gifted humanity with is a foreshadowing of His glory!

  7. Sarah, you know how much I love adult coloring books! The kids and I are enjoying a Christmas themed one right now 🙂 This will come as no surprise to you, but I love to be creative in the kitchen and, albeit a recent one, food photography. Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway!

    1. Of course you are coloring in a Christmas Themed coloring book! I adore your holiday spirit, and hope you entered to win this giveaway (because you know how much I despise the post office, and if you win I’d save on shipping).

      Food photography is fun but so much work! I’m happy to have helped you find your creative passions….

  8. I grew up in a family of creative’s and never felt like I had anything creative to offer. My parents and several siblings are very musical, one draws and another creates beautiful poetry. Yet I always loved to share stories. Either verbally or by putting pen to paper. I never really felt like it was creative until this last year. It’s what light my soul up and even if it’s simply between God and I it’s creative! Great post Sarah. Love your creativity!

  9. I love your perspective on creating. My whole life I have written stories, journaled, and taken photos but never considered myself “artistic”. I am venturing into watercolors as they are more abstract and am enjoying how I am being prompted to bless others through that.

    1. Yes, you are artistic! Writing is definitely an artform. The more I work at it, the more I realize I will never master it. That’s the definition of art, isn’t it? Best of luck with your watercolor adventures, how fun!

  10. Hi Sarah! I can NOT believe that you published this article! I virtually took a 6 month (extended summer) blogging break and posted for the first time again yesterday, and the message God gave me is almost identical to yours – in a different kind of way. LOL! Because of that, this message super resonated with me. I love how God does that! We are kindred spirits. :o)

    And I’ve been receiving your weekly newsletters and they are a blessing to me. Your writing has matured. It’s so nice to see God’s hand at work in your life. Keep up the good work and continue to run your race with steadfastness and perseverance.

    Blessings to you!

    1. Happy to have you back from your blog siesta, Tiffiney. How fun to know that the Lord is ministering to us in a similar fashion! Thank you for your kind words about my writing, I appreciate you.

  11. I love to create and make things although I get stuck on it having to look perfect!
    I haven’t tried any of the adult coloring books yet, I’m wondering if I’d enjoy it.
    Great post!

    1. I do hope you swing back by and soak up the important truth of this article. Creativity is a crucial aspect of our being, and many of us miss out because we have defined the word too narrowly. Blessings to you!

  12. Sarah, this is lovely, because I often lament the fact that I’m not good at many practical things that would open doors to ministry opportunities — like cutting hair or decorating a room for someone. I come back all the time to Col. 3:23,24: Whatever I do work at it with all my heart. And so, when I’m sitting at the sewing machine and patching (badly) my boys’ pants, maybe on some level that’s art. Luci Shaw has written Breath for the Bones — a wonderful book on the creative life and it’s taking me a long time to get through it because I have to keep re-reading.

    1. I will have to check out that book, I’ve heard of it before! I think the important thing is remembering that we don’t need to be good at all things, we simply need to find the few things that God has woven into our hearts and strive to be our best at those things. Hugs to you, friend.

  13. From someone whose stick figures are lacking too, those are great questions. I used to say I am not good at anything, but that is a lie. God gave all of us gifts!

    1. The trick is figuring out what it is that we are good at, isn’t it Sarah? I think we tend to focus on other’s strengths and our own weakness. God created you to be good at something Sarah, it just may not be the things you wish you were good at. Thanks for stopping by and joining me in the stick figure revolution!

  14. Beautiful post. Since our God is a Creator and Master Artist and we are made in His image, it follows that we are all creative in different ways. How sad that so many of us (myself included) have believed the lie that only the “super talented” are “creative”. God hangs all our creations done for His glory on His fridge, no matter how imperfect and flawed.

  15. Thank you for writing this. I don’t find myself to be creative and hate might be a strong word for it but I’m awful close to that when it comes to arts and crafts projects. I do like to paint on occasion and sketching too but more for me than for the world. I’ve never thought about the other ways in which we can be considered creative before. The phrase creative solutions comes to my mind when I think of my favorite way to be creative. I like to help people find ways to accomplish things and sometimes this takes creative thinking and unusual problem solving skills. So, now I might not be so quick to label my self not creative.

    1. Nikol,

      It blessed me to read your comment, because I see that you broadening your definition of creativity…and that was the whole purpose of this article! It takes a great deal of creativity to think outside of the box and help others problem-solve. In fact, it requires great skill and compassion. Keep on being creative in your own unique way, girl.

  16. I follow Joshua Becker and read his weekend ‘inspiring links’. I saw that you were quoted in an article he recommended “Christian blogger Sarah Koontz from South Dakota”. I’m from here too–East River 🙂 I looked you up on Facebook and we even have a mutual friend. I’m excited to look around and get to know you and your writing! Also, I love to color at night once my little boys are in bed. I also love to play piano, sing, read and write thank you notes.

  17. I find great joy in singing and when I was a teenager I wrote a lot of poetry. I used to write about all the hardships of being young lol…..now that I’m older I haven’t been able to write anything

    1. Tiffany, thank you for stopping by and joining in the conversation on creativity. I will be praying that you find words to express your heart through writing again, it can be such a tremendous blessing to create with words.

  18. I have moments of creativity. I enjoy playing around with picture layouts, coloring, and painting pottery…but I would say I am far from an artist! Haha!

  19. Hey friend!

    I enjoyed this reminder to keep spilling myself in my day and of the power of creating what we were made to create. We are replicating the Father when we exercise those muscles of creativity. I don’t always feel my work is of quality, either, but I do know that it is the process that opens my heart to more of Him and that is what we are meant to be doing.

    Love that you shared this!
    Merry Christmas, Sarah!

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