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“To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.”

—Allen Ginsberg, WD


I long to share the beauty that I discover, the God I know, and the life I have chosen to embrace.

The path I walk is my own, but maybe you will find something here to inspire your own journey.

God has written so many beautiful things upon my heart, and I can’t wait to share them all with you.


I write so that others may have hope.


God’s love transforms the broken pieces of our lives into something beautiful and full of purpose.



The moment we can grasp how deeply God loves us is the moment we begin experiencing the life we were created to live.


My mission is to inspire you to embrace the story God has inscribed upon your heart.


Scripture plays a huge role in my life and ministry, and I absolutely love that the Lord has placed a specific verse my heart for you….my readers!


“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.” -Ephesians 1:18-19 


A repeated message in my life since I started writing has been simply to “tell your story.”

Stories capture people, vulnerability makes them feel like they aren’t alone and honesty makes people feel safe in your presence.

We live in a results oriented society, but I must always remember that I am not responsible for the results of my efforts.

My sole responsibility is to do what I am called to do, the results are entirely in the Lord’s hands.



Sarah Square

I love spending my days crafting words and digging into my soul to find the perfect message to bring hope to my readers.


My constant prayer is that my only passion be for Christ.

To make Him known.

To honor Him with each moment of my day.

To learn to do what He wants me to do, without being distracted by my own desires.




I sincerely want my reality to be HIM.

I want to be free from external pressures and burdens, deadlines and appearances.

I want to surrender each moment of my day, every word from my mouth, my entire existence to Him.

I believe that writing can become my personal stairway to heaven, if I write for HIM.

Write for HIM and no one else.

Then I will become a channel of God’s resources rather than reservoir.


Here are just a few of the inspirational articles you will find here:



The Secret Art of Restful Living: If you are weary and worn, tired of rushing through life and in desperate need of rest, start here!

Fixing our Perception of the Perfect Mom: If you feel insufficient in your role as a mother, stop beating yourself up and ask God to fill in the gaps!

Establishing a Habit of Balance: Do you feel like your life is spinning out of control?  Maybe you need to practice saying no (to yourself first, and then to others).

Dare to Bare it All: Are your fears and insecurities holding you captive?  One small act of vulnerability can open the floodgates of blessing into your life!

Journey towards Fruitfulness: Wondering what your purpose is? This article is for you.


the truth


I am not sure where this writing journey will take me, but I will continue to pray that God gives me words that are filled with hope and faith to share with my readers.

And emboldens me to share my story without fear of what others may think of me, in hopes that my story will inspire others to embrace their own!

Because where there is real fruit, you will always find seed in it for more fruit.


My prayer for you today is that you would be filled with His love.


I look forward to connecting with you on Social Media or by E-mail.

I spend most of my time on Twitter and Facebook, but I also LOVE Instagram and Pinterest.


Sarah Koontz lives on 13 acres of beautiful, fertile land in the heart of the mid-west. She is eternally grateful for her husband who chooses to love her daily in spite of her many shortcomings.  She is the mother of two beautiful little girls, one tender and meek the other bold and daring.  Sarah is committed to fearlessly pursuing the dreams that God has placed within her heart, and she invites you to lock arms with her on this crazy journey called life.    

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  1. Sarah, I was so happy to find your blog through the Hearts for Home Blog Hop today! Please add me to your mailing list as I am anxious to follow your graphic quotes series! Thanks and have a blessed day ~~ di

  2. I have enjoyed several of your blog posts over the last little while and when I saw your blog linked up with the About Page linkup I thought I’d come and read some more.

  3. Hi Sarah!

    I’ve stumbled across your blog several times now and it’s beginning to stick! I was blog hopping and recently decided (by the Lord’s leading) to limit my number of link-ups so that I could really begin to fellowship with other bloggers.

    There’s something about your site that’s pulling me in, and I look forward to digging into several of the posts you’ve listed above as inspirational. I’ve also got to check out this “writing manifesto” business. (Lol!)

    I’m pretty slow when it comes to savoring and digesting what others have written, so it will take me some time to get acquainted with your writing, but I enthusiastically look forward to it!

    One post that you’ve written (I read weeks ago, but never commented on) is the 10 minute prayer for the military. I thought I should finally get around to telling you that it’s quite profound and well written. It piqued my interest because my 21-year-old is in the Marines. Thank you so much for that. I will have to share it with him. :o)

    Lastly, you made a statement above: “We live in a results oriented society, but I must always remember that I am not responsible for the results of my efforts.” I am really struggling with feeling responsible for “the results” as a parent. As I pray and read around your blog I hope the Lord speaks to my heart about that.


    1. Tiffiney,

      I am so grateful for your words. Fellowship with other bloggers is so very important! I just recorded a video about my own need to reach out and ask for support in my writing career. I believe it would be a great encouragement to you.

      Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjDCQA7346o

      Oh to have a son in the Marines! I can imagine the unique combination of pride and fear that comes along with that. It is nice to know that my prayer spoke to your mother’s heart. God is so faithful!

      Thank you for reaching out, and I would encourage you to engage in the encouraging conversation that is happening here in this space. The writing manifesto is #AWESOMEsauce, I do hope you take the time to look into it and download my free workbook.

      Look forward to getting to know you better. -Sarah

  4. i meet u thru the blogosphere I too am a Christian. You have great stuff thank you for taking the plunge and sharing. I plan on comming back soon to visit. Good to meet you. blessings donna marie

  5. Hi Sarah, I found your blog through the ‘Counting My Blessings’ blog.

    I just finished watching the video link you posted above (in response to someone else’s comment) and it had me in tears. I know your video was posted a year ago, but it was lovely to see our Lord bringing things together for you. You have encouraged me to speak to Him about my own gift and passion for writing, to be completely honest with what’s on my heart and also to step outside of my comfort zone (like writing this in the comments section! lol)

    I’m looking forward to perusing the rest of your blog.

    1. Oh, I’m so happy you stopped by and BRAVELY shared your heart with me. Keep writing, girl! The more you do it the easier it is to dig deep and tell the truth. God is so very good, and He has continued to provide community in the most unexpected ways.

  6. Hi Sarah!
    My name is Rosy and I just wanted to send a hello and thanks from Australia. I came across your site through Pinterest 🙂 and joined your Psalm 119 study. And I just LOVE it! (and all the other things you write!) I’m a mother of 3 (2 boys and a girl) and I recently had an operation and had been very anxious. I have a wonderful supportive family who have prayed with me and God has used this down time to help me grow closer to Him. Life hasn’t been easy but I now see that God uses these times for His good and mine 🙂 And that it is possible to live a happy wonderful life with God at the centre (as He helps and carries us through pain). Thank you so much for choosing to follow His path for you as it is a blessing to many others. You are such an encouraging sister in Christ and I pray that God will continue to use you for His glory!
    Much love
    Ps. I’ve been sharing you with my friends and cousins 😉

    1. Hi Rosy, I am so happy you found my blog and Psalm 119 study. Sometimes I wish life was easier, but then I go through a season of abundance and find that I wander from my Savior. I never turn my back on Him, but I stop relying on Him for all things. So I’m learning to embrace the challenging times with courage and hope because He is closest to me when I am struggling. Thank you for your prayers and support, I sincerely appreciate it.

  7. Hi Sarah! I just LOVE every one of your blogs! and your Psalm 119 study. Another great book I love is Chuck and Nancy Missler – The Way of Agape, Understanding God’s Love (as written on back cover: a road map to understanding God’s true and divine Love and the life-changing power that is found within it).
    You are such a wonderful encouragement and I pray that God continues to bless you and your family,
    Love, Rosy

  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! To all of what you share and write – that Christ would be my all – the center of my life and all I do. That my life would bring Him glory and honor. I pray my actions, words and choices all reveal the longing of my heart to know Him and love Him better with all of me. Great, heart touching post.

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