I wanted this little treasure, whom I already cherished with all my heart, to know how deeply loved she was from the get-go. I wanted to tell her how every little heartbeat and kick in my ribs was a cause for great rejoicing. So I began to write letters to her in a journal, and 21-years later I gifted that journal to her. It became a black and white record of her mother's love, the most precious gift I have ever given.
In efforts to hone my writing skills, I am always submitting content for other websites.  I enjoy the challenge of reaching different target audiences and am proud of the list of sites I have been published on.

My most widely read freelance posts are:

The Best Advice I can Give Kids in a Blended Family published at Huffington Post.

5 Habits of Amazing Moms published at Living Well Spending Less.

You Can Afford Healthy Food published at The Humbled Homemaker.

If you would like to hire me to write for your business, please send me a written request at sarah{at}sarahkoontz.com.

I am always sharing updates on my current projects and freelance work on my social media accounts, so be sure to follow me! I spend most of my time on Twitter and Instagram , but I also LOVE Facebook and Pinterest.

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The first place my writing was ever featured was Grounded & Surrounded, the  website I developed with my best friend in 2014. Although I no longer write for Grounded & Surrounded, you can still find more than 100 of my articles in their database.

My 10 favorite posts at Grounded & Surrounded:

I have written many freelance pieces, but this cover article of a local family magazine is by far my favorite:
If we wake up each day and work hard on the things that He has called us to do, it is very likely that we will achieve some measure of success. No matter how badly we want to run and hide in the bathroom, no matter how tempted we are to place our light under a basket, that is NOT the right way to respond to Godly success.

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Here is a sampling  of a few of my Guest Posts & Freelance Articles:


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