Free Psalm 119 Online Bible Study – Reviews & Testimonials


Sarah’s Psalm 119 devotionals are beautiful. She hit the sweet spot of reading length for online readers, and packed powerful punches, each day! There was not one single devotional where I was not taking away truth.  This is a great study for a new believer or one seasoned in faith.  -Natalia Drumm


It’s hard to believe this is a free study! Sarah has done such an amazing job of formatting the study in such a user-friendly way. It’s just the right length for us busy women while being deep enough to lead to transformation. This study will benefit anyone who joins in. I highly recommend it.  -Laura Hicks


Sarah has done a great job at bringing the promises from the longest chapter in the Bible out in small bite-sized pieces that you can really meditate on. The length and format of each email were absolutely perfect; the study was easy to navigate and understand. I loved the shareable image that Sarah created for each day. I found myself wanting to share them with my friends! -Ona Carver


This is the perfect short Bible study for the busy working mother (yeah, right — what mother isn’t working?!) and for the housewife living in the same house with lots of little people. It is short and sweet, yet Sarah has some amazing insights and an in-depth viewpoint of the psalmist as he asks many of the same questions we all have now. She has connected the Biblical time period with today’s needs. I give this 5 stars; a MUST read.  -Betsy Bridges



This study is a wonderful addition to your morning coffee. I enjoyed being able to connect with Scripture on a personal level. Every e-mail is short enough to read in a few minutes but packed with valuable insight. I enjoyed being able to connect with Scripture on a personal level. An absolute must read! -Kimberly Dewberry


This is a great study! I’ve never been a Bible study buff, although I was raised in the church. Psalm 119 was one of those chapters I would simply skip over because it was too long and I didn’t know where to begin in trying to understanding it. Sarah’s study brought it down to my level by making it short, sweet and understandable. The length was perfect. Just enough to get the point across with no fluff! It’s short and very much meaningful. -Ishah Whipple



I don’t like reading more than I need to in order to get to the main point of a study and I love that Sarah cut out all the fluff.  This study was easy to follow for new believers and yet contained enough meat for Bible study veterans. This is an amazing study that is perfect for people who want to get right to the meat of each verse. -Diane Ferreira


Sarah Koontz’s Psalm 119 study is the perfect study for those with limited time desiring to incorporate Bible study into their day. She breaks the Scriptures down into just the right size for understanding and study, which takes away the feeling of overwhelm that can sometimes accompany Bible study. The study reminds us of the role God’s Word is to play in our daily lives, offering direction and comfort. -Julie Davis


Sarah is an amazing writer, and it is obvious that she loves the Lord. She beautifully breaks down the Bible verses with insightful and faith-filled words capturing their true essence in an accessible and applicable manner. I loved learning so much about Psalm 119 and was blessed by this study.  -Susan Bricker



This beautifully written and thought-provoking study will leave you in awe of our Creator, Redeemer, and Friend. It took me just a few minutes each morning to complete the reading, which is perfect for my busy schedule. I only wish it was delivered with a donut each day! -Sammi Ricke



The writing style is fresh, the format is interactive, and the teaching is full of powerful truths and practical takeaways. I love that it is delivered to my inbox each morning and only takes a few minutes to read. And, Sarah is offering this amazing resource for FREE! I am sure it will bless many. -Rebecca Lynn



This is an awesome study. I enjoyed how well it flowed and the friendly tone behind it. Each day’s lesson is just the right length; short and sweet, but leaving you with something to ponder. I would highly recommend Sarah’s study to anyone who wants to tap into the well of wisdom found in Psalm 119.  -Mackenzie Long


A heart-touching and God-exalting Bible study. Loved the powerful one-word title Sarah chose for each day’s reading. Her fresh insights into Psalm 119 are beautifully expressed and uplifting to read. This study is offered in an easy-to-read format, not too short or too long. Sarah’s writing style glorifies God and His Word.  -Julie Page Heath


This study will easily fit into your busy schedule. The lessons are well crafted and don’t require additional homework. Sarah does a fantastic job of breaking down this difficult chapter into bite-sized chunks. This e-mail series will renew your spirit and gave you a deeper understanding of God’s Character. -Hannah Bowers


This is a delightful study from Sarah Koontz. She unpacks Psalm 119 and helps the reader grow in their faith. This psalm is jam-packed with promises I have overlooked in the past. I liked the length, it’s very doable, and the format is easy to follow. I enjoyed the personal stories and the word Sarah selected for each day. I highly recommend this study! -Julie Loos


Sarah Koontz’s heart and passion for the word of God is contagious. Dig into Psalm 119 with her for a short daily reading and insight and be transformed. My favorite part was her free daily graphic which reminded me of what I learned that morning! -Ashley Fischer



Sarah has taken the beauty and truths of Psalm 119 and woven a tapestry of thoughtful threads to share with all of us. Her concise lessons are perfect for the time-weary woman. Quick to read, yet impactful for your day. I am honored to recommend this study to you. -Gleniece Lytle