“Worthy of the Calling” Reviews and Testimonials


This 31-day study is easy to follow and understand. Each day is short but packed full of knowledge and the truths of the Lord. I love how Sarah shares personal stories to make the verses relatable  and sprinkles in a bit of humor to make it engaging and fun!  I learned so much from doing this study of Ephesians and Sarah’s faith-filled and authentic style of writing! -Susan Bricker


Sarah breaks Ephesians into bite-sized chunks revealing Paul’s message and how we can apply his words to deepen our walk and grow spiritually. Sarah makes astounding connections—to history, Scripture, her life, our lives. This Bible study is a call to action! Sarah, like Paul, doesn’t expect her reader to read through Ephesians passively, she wants us to dig deep and discover what God is speaking to our spirit. -LeNae Baker


If you’re looking for a simple yet deep Bible study this one is for you! Sarah takes you on a journey through Ephesians that requires only 15-minutes per day to complete. It is a real study for real people who need something thought provoking and deep yet simple. This is a journey you won’t want to put off! Join now and start digging into Ephesians like never before. -JoEllen Silvas.


My favorite thing about the Worthy of the Calling study was the weaving of Paul’s teachings to the Ephesians with great imagery and relevance for my day-to-day life. Sometimes bible studies can delve so deeply into understanding the scripture verses but then struggle to connect it to our current daily life. Sarah does this beautifully! Melissa Gendreau



Worthy of the Calling is delivered in brief, easy-to-digest portions, right to your email inbox. Sarah Koontz writes with humor and creativity, making the book of Ephesians relevant for our current times. She keeps you coming back for more with free printables and beautiful graphics. If you’re looking for a convenient way to dig into Ephesians, “Worthy of the Calling” is the perfect study for you! -Sarah Geringer


Worthy of the Calling is a worthy read! Sarah combines scriptural truth with practical insight and application to garner your attention and help you dive deeper into God’s plan for your life. In a world where too many use grand words to make things sound more important, Sarah keeps it simple. She breaks down the book of Ephesians into manageable bites so readers can grab on to the powerful truths and immediately use them to enrich their walk with God.  –Ammie Black



The book of Ephesians is a treasure.  Yet it is often difficult to take the words and apply them to our hearts and minds in a way that sticks. Through relatable analogies, consistent encouragement, and profound insight, Sarah’s inspired writing gets into your head to wrap your mind around the magnitude of God’s Word and then drives it straight to your heart with unquestionable authority. –Jennifer E.


This Bible study breaks down Paul’s words about our worthiness and calling into smaller bites, perfect for anyone’s Bible study level. Sarah brings the words to modern-day life with understandable analogies, humor and practical application. This study brought the reality of what being worth in Christ is and how Christ does equip me for what He’s called me to. I highly recommend this study for any woman who’s struggling to understand and accept her worthiness and ability to live out her calling. –Julie D.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Worthy of the Calling Study. It is rich with insights, points to ponder, and practical applications. The length of each day’s entry is easy to read, giving time to really think about what was learned. This study was refreshment for my parched soul. –Jamie Ukes



Worthy of the Calling is a fresh look at Ephesians in an easy to understand format for the everyday Christian woman. Sarah does not preach/teach about being a perfect Christian or living in perfection. Instead Sarah ministers to the sick, the broken, the sinner and empowers us to walk worthy because God says we are enough. If you need a confidence booster, Worthy of the Calling is the study for you. Oh, and the freebies included with the study are beautiful. –Myra M.



Sarah took me on a journey through Ephesians in a way I have not traveled before. She has the keen ability to dig deep into God’s Word and provide her reader with just enough information to help see something we may not have seen before. The daily readings may be short, but they are filled with important truths to help better understand God’s Word, who we are in Christ, and how to apply it to our lives. –Kimberly Dewberry



The great thing about this study is that it really is just 15 minutes a day to grow deeper in love with God and truly appreciate more about His Word. Each day starts with a Scripture reading and then there is so much information for you to really chew on. This is not a “milk” study – it’s a definite “meat” study. I learned so much even though I have read and studied Ephesians before. –Julie D.


This study is  for the busy mamas out there who are looking for a brief yet powerful Bible study. Each day’s devotion covers a small portion of Ephesians, allowing you to dive in and explore the book in depth, while making the daily time commitment feasible! I love how Sarah combined the creative gifts of the contributors with her gift of writing to make this unique Bible study. It is just a glimpse of what it means to be part of the body of Christ. –Emily Wood


Sarah delivers another powerful, insightful study for women. She not only uncovers profound truth from the book of Ephesians, but delivers it in a relatable, easy-to-understand fashion. In just a few minutes a day, you’re faith will be strengthened. This study is a perfect addition to the already established quiet time or can stand alone to get your started with uncovering the power and truth of God’s word. -Hannah Bowers


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